Pokémon Indigo League

Pokémon indigo league episodes are the first and foremost season of the Pokemon series. It consists of eighty three episodes with the main protagonist Ash Ketchum with his partners, Misty and Brock and their journey through the woods of Kanto. Misty is trained to capture the Pokemons which are of water type while Brock is trained to capture the Pokemons which are of rock type. The first episode aired in Japan on 1 April, 1997 and in U.S.A on 9 September, 1998. The word Pokemon is derived from two words Pocket Monsters. The production company originally started with videogame series. Due to its huge popularity, they were later adapted into the animated series. The series originated in Japan and because of its extreme popularity it was adapted in other international languages.


Pokemon Go Indigo The first episode of Pokémon indigo league episodes begins with Ash Ketchum turning ten years old. His only dream is to become Pokemon master and catch all the 150 Pokemons. Professor Oak who is a Pokemon researcher gives Pikachu – a unique and peculiar Pokémon to Ash. Pikachu resembles a mouse and is of very short stature. He has electric current in his body and can give electric sparks to anybody. In the beginning of the story, Ash got a lot of sparks form Pikachu as Pikachu could never trust him. But the incident of Spearow turned the tables into Ash’s flavour. Ash saved Pikachu’s life from a dreadful Spearow and in turn, Pikachu realized how wrong he was about him. He started trusting him and they developed a very deep bond. On their way through the Kanto, they meet their other friends Misty and Brock. Both of them are gym leaders. Misty is shown as a girl who is very stubborn, sinful and volatile. But in later episodes, she calms down and becomes sensible and wise. Misty and Brock become very good friends in the series. Brock on the other hand, is shown as a character that is stable, down to earth and very mature. He often gives advice to others and is looked upon as their leader. He is always well equipped and carries the necessary supplies required for a journey. He likes cooking for his friends. He is the one who acts as a mediator and solves disagreements between people. He is shown as a tall boy who is in his teen years. His main ambition is to get a good looking girlfriend for himself.

In the Pokémon indigo league episodes, Team Rocket which comprises of Jessie, James and Meowth always stand against Ash. Their main aim is to capture Pikachu and other Pokemons. But their plan is always ruined by Ash and his companions. They follow Ash throughout the series but fail miserably in all their attempts. In the first series only, Ash with the help of his friends is able to capture Pokemons like Caterpie, Pidgeotto. The series has a tool called Pokeball which can confine the Pokemons in them and they have to follow the commands of the owner of these balls. The other series have other important characters like Tracey, May, Max, and Dawn who will help Ash to overcome hurdles in other seasons.

The Pokemon Indigo league episodes and its other seasons have been telecasted in various cartoon channels such as Cartoon Network, Disney XD, Toonami, Netwrok Ten, Eleven, CITV, Jetix etc. The producers have also made spin off versions of these series where they feature the stories and the lives of the characters that have left the main series. It is known as Pokemon Chronicles. Also, recently, they have started with new Pokemon related shows- Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station, Pokémon Sunday, Pokémon Smash!, and Pokémon Get TV. Moreover, till now, eighteen movies have been made from the Pokemon.

Though Pokémon indigo league episodes and other series achieved immense recognition, yet, in recent years, they have started to fizzle out in U.S.A.  Their demand still continues to be in the country of its origin – Japan. There were few episodes that were banned outside Japan for some reasons. The merchandise of Pokémon and its various characters is also garnering great business. They are very much in demand among children.