Clash Royale Tricks

If you are a fan of Clash Royale, the strategic video mobile game that attracted many, then you are probably seeking new tricks for beating the enemy on the easiest way. You have heard all tips and tricks, but you are never enough of new ones. So, next time you start playing your game take in consideration the following tricks, and also don’t forget to mention them on your friends.

Defending the towers

If you are defending towers, then you should probably use Baby Dragon who is managing very well the flying attacks like Cannon. Also another “friend” that may come in handy is Hog Rider who is very powerful to beat the tower directly. And don’t forget that he is capable of going through the water!

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Beat Hordes

You should probably take care of your tower and do not allow the big enemies to come very close. You can take the advantage of Bombers that will clean out the ground and if you want to clean the air you can use one of your cards. And you can pin point the skeletons with throwing an arrows towards them.

Beat Tanks

You have probably heard of Achilles’ heel, which means a week spot. This was the main weapon that warriors used in some big battles million years ago. Now, like a real warrior, you should use this technique, too. The Achilles’ heel of Tanks is their feet, so you better throw swarms down there an also be careful of the enemy’s cards

Beat the Balloon

You should not allow the Balloon to get too much close to your towers because it may do a great damage. You can defense your towers by attacking the Balloon. Arrange your minions to take care of it, or use a Freeze so you can have some extra time for attacks. You can use some continuous attacks on the Balloon and he will probably go down, or use the clash royale hack ios tool.

Defend your area

You want to make sure that your base is secured but for that you have to get a really fast army that will response quickly to the attacks of the enemy. The opponent can be destroyed by projectile and arrows but you have to time them on the right second so try not to miss it.

Be a member of clan

If you are a beginner you won’t have this authority, but if you keep playing you can easily became a member of a clan. Here you can practice new strategies and you will get familiar with new tricks. Also, the members i.e. kings and queens can get you a gift of free cards if you request it for a particular unit. How cool is it for you to be part of one big family? The feeling would be great and you will feel motivated every day to practice your game so you can became better and better. You are going to meet friends too, so one day you will retail an interesting stories to your kid who is also crazy for some video game. Start practicing your tricks right away! Good luck in clash royale !

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