Leupolds GX-4 is a great Rangefinder !

With the technological advances in golf range finders there is no reason for any serious golfer to play without one. The advantage is clear whether you are at the driving range marking your max distance on each club, or you are on the course cutting strokes by knowing exactly which club to choose.

Guessing on the golf course is a thing of the past and if you have not yet looked into a golf range finder you will be left behind. The need to pay a subscription for a GPS is gone with Leupold GX-4 Rangefinder.

The GX-4 Rangefinder offers everything you could ever want in a range finder. In most cases being “two-faced” is an insult, but not in the case of the GX-4. The GX-4 Smart Key is a detachable face plate that will act as a coaching tool enabling the Club Selector and True Golf Range features. The Club Selector recommends which club would be the best for each shot, helping you learn how to select clubs on your own.

Leupolds GX-4

Leupold’s True Golf Range software take account of elevation and temperature and tells you exactly how far you need to hit each shot. When it’s time for a competitive game, just swap the face plate back to the standard and the GX-4 returns to normal function as a top of the line top rangefinder reviews.

You no longer have to wonder if you have just measured the distance to the pin or the trees in the background since the GX-4 Rangefinder comes with PinHunter technology. The PinHunter allows you to lock on to the pin, and only the pin, for accurate measurement so you can swing with confidence.

If you are a golfer who is at the course regardless of the weather conditions, then you will appreciate the advantage of the optional Fog Mode. Conventional laser range finders get lost in the fog and provide you with the distance to the nearest fog cloud it detects, but with Fog Mode enabled the GX-4 will cut through the fog and provide you with the accuracy you need.

The durable weather-proof Leupold GX-4 Rangefinder will improve you golf game through use of the Smart Key and will be an indispensable tool every through every single round of golf.

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