The Fortnite game is very popular, the reason for its huge success is the fresh updates which include chances to get the new skin for the characters, weapons , emotes, and many others like this. So let’s back to Fortnite Free V Bucks Generator for Chapter 2.

In this game players play collaboratively to survive in the open environment they can choose to battle with the character of the game itself or either they can play with their friends it has both single-player mode and cooperative mode. 


To play this game players need to create their account by filling in their email address and have to verify it. You can choose your username whatever you want. You can compete individually or can be part of a squad. 


Why is Fortnite so popular?

These are some of the reasons which make Fortnite popular among the users:

  • Due to its availability on a huge  range of devices like Mac, iOS, XBoxOne, playstation4, Android, etc
  • It has a very good user experience. 
  • It is updated regularly and gives the chance for the players to indulge in new challenges of the game. 
  • It has its in-game currency known as Vbucks. 
  • It is very popular and has a huge demand among youngsters no one wants to leave behind. 

Strip fortnite

It is a trend that involves two players one is a male companion and the other is a female playing the game. It has the condition that after every kills the companion must remove one of its clothes. 

How you get Fortnite Free V Bucks using our generator? 

Fortnite v-bucks are the fortnite digital currency , you can buy these v- bucks with the exchange of real money, fortnite v- bucks are used to unlock cosmetics, outfits emotes and many more things. 

They can also be used to get the fortnite battle pass that makes you unlock more challenges and helps you to get more cosmetics. 


So that you can stand out of the crowd v- bucks help you to get connected in the game and helps to feel the game because it offers you originality by making you get more cosmetic items. 

By using Fortnite v- bucks you can enhance your overall game experience. Here we have attached a detailed list of the prices you have to pay for getting a certain quantity of v- bucks. 


  • 1000 v-bucks = $ 15 
  • 2500 v- bucks + 300 bonus  = $ 24
  • 4000 v- bucks  + 1000 bonus = $ 59 . 99 
  • 10000 v- bucks  + ( 3,500) = $ 99.99


Free Fortnite Chapter 2 v bucks 

There are a number of ways by which you can get in-game currency or v – bucks in Fortnite without spending any real money because this game is exploring almost every day and you will see the regular updates but to get the experience of these updates you must have money to spend on them or the in-game money to utilize, this will become a quite expensive affair for you. So consider this in mind we have listed some ways through which you can get them easily for free. 


Daily login

It is the easiest and the simplest way, you just have to log in daily and you can earn v – bucks each day, though it is a slow method it will add up a quite amount to your collection each day and it is 100% worth it. 

Daily quest

If you have Fortnite save the world mode you can quest daily and in return can earn rewards, it provides you a set of v-bucks you can get 50 or 100  v- bucks if you complete the challenge. 

Battle pass challenge 

You can also earn by enabling Fortnite battle royal mode just you have to complete the battle pass challenge. If you have your battle pass don’t waste it to get v- bucks instead use it to earn more v – bucks by accepting challenges. 

You can participate in three weekly conquests that involve various things to do like collect wood kill a certain number of players if you complete the challenge you will get battle stars that will directly help you to level up your battle pass  and then you can also unlock multiple skins, gliders, pickaxes and emotes, etc


By refund 

You can also redeem fortnite V bucks with the help of a ticket which you get after the refund of the things you have taken under cosmetics, by returning an outdated skin you can credit your V bucks back into your account. 

Frequently asked questions

When you play any game there are many questions that arise in the mind of a player. We have listed some questions which are asked frequently from the side of users and tried to answer them in the shortest possible way. 

Q.How to input an island code? 

Ans. You just have to walk towards any of the portals and use your interactive button and input your 12 digits and code. 

Q. how to create a new map? 

Ans. Once you join the player hub walk towards your personal rift and press the interact button and then create a new Island. 

Q.Is creative mode available on Android? 

Ans. Yes, Creative mode is available on Android.

 Q.Would I be able to play battle royale on PC? 

Ans. Yes, you can play it on PC it provides you the controller compatibility on PC also. 

Q.What is a battle pass? 

Ans. If you are using a battle pass you would be able to earn more V bucks as well as unlock more challenges. 


Fortnite is a very popular game and in recent years it has got a huge success but regular updation makes you get more v- bucks without which you cannot level up in the game they are the important factor to decide your success in the game you can go for the ways by which you can get free V Bucks in the above article we have told you many trusted ways by which you can get them and can continue your gaming experience. 

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