When we play videos of the monetized channels, we often see ads after a specific interval of time on youtube, and It is frustrating and annoying to most people. 

To get rid of this problem, youtube offers a premium membership for its users so that you can watch your videos smoothly without any instruction. If you have a youtube premium, you will enjoy certain other benefits too.



Before going to buy the youtube premium, you can also avail yourself 30 days free trial; after that, you can decide whether it is worth it to take the membership or not. Many people think that it is just a waste of money to avail it to remove ads. We have to pay money. So they try to search for ways to get youtube premium for free. This article covered how you can avail it for free without giving a single penny. 



Youtube is providing a fantastic platform for its users. They can become creators and access a wide variety of informative and enjoyable video content, so everyone wants to know how to get a free YouTube premium. Understanding its popular demand, we have covered the ways by which you can get it. 


Through Flipkart premium

If you are already a plus customer of Flipkart, you can get the free youtube premium membership for six months for this; you have to use your 150 super points. 

  1. Go to the Flipkart app or website and log in to your Flipkart plus ID. 
  2. Then after opening it go to the Flipkart zone and search for the option ” Claim exclusive rewards “.
  3. Under the exclusive reward option, you will see a voucher that you will get after using your 150 super points now, and this voucher will help you get the premium membership. 
  4. Enter this voucher code by going to the youtube subscription page and click “ try it free“.


Through the google one program

By using your google one subscription also you can get youtube premium for free, google one is a cloud storage service that provides you with a bunch of services by paying a subscription fee. 

It starts with rupees 130 per month, and this offers you 100 GB cloud storage and access to google expert and many other extra features, including youtube premium for free. 

  1. Go to and log in to your account. 
  2. Then select the upgrade option. 
  3. Then select any of the plans i. e 100 GB or 200 GB etc., and add payment. 
  4. Now search for the benefit column. 
  5. Now activate the youtube premium under extra benefits. 
  6. Your (3 months) free trial is now activated. 


Share premium account 

Youtube premium does not restrict you from sharing your account with other persons. You can share your account with your friends and family, so talk to the person having premium membership, and in this way, you can enjoy youtube premium for free. 


Youtube premium benefits 

Youtube premium comes with many benefits; that’s why every user wants to get it for a cost or try to search for ways to get a free youtube premium. Here we have listed some of its significant benefits. 


Method to get Free Youtube Premium

Here we would be updating the complete method to get free youtube premium.


Ads-free videos 

You can watch some videos without seeing ads, but if the creator has some promotional link or features, you will only see the ads. On that particular channel. 



Background play 

YouTube premium makes you able to run or play the video in the background. Also, this feature works on YouTube as well as on YouTube kids and music apps. 


Youtube music 

You will also get free premium YouTube music that enables you to play ads for free music and download the music for offline play with play-only audio mode. 


Youtube original

You can watch youtube original as well for no additional charges. It Includes series movies and other content by popular YouTube creators; you can access them as soon as they are available and download them for watching them offline. 


Can you cancel your YouTube Premium membership? 

Yes, if you are already a YouTube premium member but don’t like the service, you can cancel it by choosing the do not pay option, and if you are still using the trial service, you can cancel it before it gets transformed to your paid service. 


Other options if you don’t want to cancel the service

Yes, there are other options available if you don’t want to cancel the premium membership, it’s best to pause it. You can do it after the current billing period; you can enforce it at any time before the scheduling of the resume date. If you choose to pause the service, you will not get access to YouTube premium and music benefits. You can also cancel your membership during pause time. 



YouTube is a good platform but popping ads makes it frustrating for some users, so to get rid of this problem, you can try out the ways we have told you to enjoy YouTube Premium for free.  If you have any doubts while claiming free Youtube Premium then let me know in the comment section.

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