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An artist’s popularity can lead to gold albums, platinum records, mansions, and swarms of fans. Would you like some of that? Say your name, introduce yourself, and then play some music! With music marketing, it can be done for you! Try Audiomack’s promotion until you have a chance. Show everyone that you are a hidden gem and accelerate your musical career!

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Streaming royalties can be earned through Audiomack’s extensive promotion packages. You can succeed in your music career with the finest play and follower statistics on Audiomack with our assistance.Regardless of genre, we provide our clients with exclusive and customised music marketing plans. To make the most of Audiomack, one of the top streaming services, we want you to take full advantage of it.

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Do you really need real Audiomack promotion?

You can ask any musician about being famous. How will they guide you? People will notice if you work hard and generate more. To improve your prospects, others, especially younger people, suggest that you use music promotion services. Why do they say otherwise? In the early days of music promotion, finding a competent agent or doing radio promotion were the only options. Now everyone is their agent, marketer, and director. Both people and musicians became more independent. On Spotify and other profit-driven sites, anyone can create a song, buy publicity, and become famous.
However, only some are able to find a service that specializes in promoting artists, a place where emerging artists can be found. Audiomack is the name of this service. Do you really need a promotion on Audiomack? Yes, absolutely. However, you still need to purchase the Audiomack promotion to achieve the best results. It would be highly effective if we mixed your promotion with service promotion. Consider yourself a beginner with only one song. Promosound’s Audiomack promotion package does the trick! On Audiomack, you’re an established name. Since you are already well known, Audiomack starts advertising you on its own. There is a playlist, chart, and recommendation for your song. Because Audiomack is free, it has a large user base.

How to promote music on Audiomack?

What can Sndchck do to help you promote your work? Unfortunately, we cannot solve this issue but we know how to market Audiomack music. The process is similar to any other promotional on Promosound. To get your song noticed, you should follow these Audiomack promotional points:

  • On the Sndchcksite, choose your plan (look over). Choose the best plan for you based on the number of playbacks and cost per play.
  • Please send us the details of your project. Please provide your contact information so we can keep you updated.
  • Please wait until we examine your song. You will be reviewed by a team of musicians, experts, and ex-producers, who will decide on the best promotion method, and then place your tracks on a very popular playlist.
  • Observe how the plays unfold and how the number increases. Awe-inspiring. Promosound ensures that these shows are genuine and authentic, and most importantly, they stay yours forever!

Sndchck with Audiomack allows you to concentrate on music production, bringing your ideas to life. While we handle the promotion, you create your own music. Which is more effective? Promotions with Sndchck are guaranteed to be effective and permanent.

What are your outcomes?

As soon as you’ve chosen your package and paid for it, and some of the plays start coming in, what should you do next? Are you better off being a shrewd gambler or putting everything in your own hands? Indeed, you get new shows, and maybe even new fans and royalty payments are in the works, but when will they be made? When will you see that shiny limousine and the famous concerts? You still have time! One day, you’ll be noticed by music producers if you write more tracks and market them. If your tracks are great and attract enough attention – take a seat. The Fame train is departing! Audiomack has agreements with the world’s most renowned record labels and studios.
Why does Sndschck exist? If you’re here, you know exactly what you’re doing. The Sndchck legal promotional service is highly rated, experienced and efficient. We are pleased with the results of our client’s promotions. Don’t wait for your opportunities to expire. Take advantage of them now and build your professional career! How is your Audiomack promotion going? We’ll make sure it’s done right!


You will find our customer support team to be one of the most attentive you have ever encountered. You can reach us during office hours if you have questions about our platform or services.

Plays from Real Accounts

We are dedicated to provide you genuine and safe plays/followers, which is why we only deliver plays from legitimate and active accounts


All of our customers are entitled to a refill guarantee. We will refill any plays you may have lost. This policy is only active during the first 60 days after you’ve placed your order


We care about privacy of our users and do not ask you to share your passwords

How Do I Monetize My Music on Audiomack?

Your songs can only be monetized if you are an artist who has songs streaming on the platform. If you have an artist account that streams songs, you can sign up for an account on the AudioMack Monetization Platform.
Knowing you cannot upload or commercialize music you don’t own is essential. Remember that this platform places much emphasis on plagiarism when listening to music.

How to Promote Music on Audiomack?

In addition to offering more features and higher-quality information, Audiomack is an excellent way to promote your music.
You can upload whatever music you want at the beginning. You will also have access to Audiomack’s “Creator Dashboard,” which will keep you updated on statistics and tell you where listeners are.


Sndchck will deliver Audiomack Service over several days. Your order quantity will determine the exact time it takes. This is done to get new followers gradually rather than all at once.

Your account can be suspended if you receive all the followers/views in a matter of minutes or even hours. Because of this, it’s important to spread out the new followers over a few days.

You can buy followers on Audiomack or for your band, and they will stick around forever. We aim to provide your band with the most reliable supporters we can. Whether you want more fans for your band or a certain Audiomack song, we can help.

No! On this platform, there are several strategies you can use to increase your songs’ account’s total likes and followers. Throughout the years, many people have bought followers as a great strategy. Many bands and other artists have used our services to get Audiomack followers.

Sndchck needs to follow the guidelines outlined by the Audiomack platform. Additionally, we promise to send your followers in a way that safeguards your account. Regardless of how many people you need to follow your account, we can help.

Yes, of course. Please contact us if you need assistance or have questions about buying followers or paying listeners. Audiomack follower packages should be easy to find and purchase.

We provide complimentary assistance to all of our clients. Please get in touch with our staff if you have any questions about the package you purchased. Sometimes, we can even provide lifetime warranties for all our customers.

No – it is not necessary for you to share your login details with us. All we need is your Deezer profile URL to be able to deliver your order. Media Mister will never ask you for sensitive information to be able to process your order.

The more followers, the better. However, please note that you should buy a follower package that resonates with your current reach to prevent arising suspicions. It would look odd to have more than one million followers while your songs do not have more than 10000 plays.

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